• Wilcox Tree Farms FAQ

    As our opening weekend approaches (November 29th!) we’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions!

    How much is it to cut your own tree? $55.00 for any size and kind of tree.

    What are your hours? We’re open from 10am to dusk until Christmas.

    Do you accept credit cards? We only accept cash and check. ATM’s are easily accessible in LaGrange.

    Do you provide a saw? We provide a hand saw! Chainsaws aren’t permitted.

    Are dogs allowed? We welcome all four legged furry friends as long as they are friendly to all and kept on leash.

    How much is the hot chocolate? Free! Help yourself to our free hot chocolate and coffee.

    Do you provide delivery? We do not deliver but we do provide twine to attach your tree to your vehicle.

    Do you allow photography on premise? Absolutely! We love being part of your holiday memories. If you’re a photographer looking to bring clients, please drop us a message.

    Do you allow smoking? No! Please do not smoke on premise.