5 Tips for Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree at Wilcox Tree Farms


Visiting us this weekend to cut your own Christmas Tree? Here are 5 tips to make the job a bit easier & more enjoyable!

1.Before you leave on the hunt for your perfect tree, decide where in your home you want your tree to be (away from direct heat) and then measure the height of the room from floor to ceiling. Once you have taken your measurement, knock off about a foot from that total to make sure you will have enough room to add the angel or star on top of the tree. Don’t forget about it’s width too! There’s nothing worse than cutting down a 10 ft tree and realizing you have 8.5 foot ceilings.

Types of Christmas Trees

2. Research which variety of tree will fit your needs. Each tree has it’s own special characteristics. Have pets who love rubbing against or crawling in your tree? A Blue Spruce with it’s prickly, stiff branches may be a good solution for you. Have heavy ornaments? You’d want to stay away from a White Pine. Click here or ask one of our farmhands before you head into the fields for advice.

3. Dress accordingly. We’re open regardless of the elements. You’ll be walking through fields that can get muddy. We recommend boots and gloves (remember pine trees can be pokey!). You may also prefer to bring something to kneel on while you cut down your tree, we provide a saw.


4. Welcome to our farm! Jump on a wagon and head into the fields. Once you’ve found your perfect tree, check it’s health. Run your hand along the branch, are needles falling off rapidly? Also, check the tree for yellowed needles. A few are normal however, the tree should be more green than yellow. We will shake your tree before you take it home to remove any dead needles and unwanted visitors.

5. We’ve found the perfect Christmas tree. Cut the tree as low to the ground as possible. Once you have the tree cut down, check the bottom to see if it’s cut straight. Lay the tree flat on the ground and cut a straight line around the trunk, about an inch off, no more than two. Take your time to make this cut as straight as you possibly can it is the deciding factor on whether or not your tree will be straight in it’s stand. While you’re down there you may want to remove at least a foot’s worth of limbs from the tree trunk so you have room for watering & gifts. Feel free to take home any discarded limbs from your tree!

Meet our wagon back at it’s path and the driver will tag your tree & put on the wagon. You’ll be brought back to our main area where your tree will be placed in our shaker to remove dead needles and unwanted critters, then bailed to make it easier to get home. Don’t forget to stop in our shop to thaw & for a cup of Free Coffee & Hot Chocolate!